Ivory Coast

I’m not sure if you guys know the Ivory Coast but it is my favorite country in the world. Not only because my family lives there but also because there are so many amazing and fascinating places.
The temperature is throughout the whole year very pleasant and the atmosphere is very unique. You can eat fresh coconuts, do incredible safari or just do some shopping of its own kind in”le plateau”.

Just see yourself and tell me your first impressions! :)DSC01786 IMG_1629 DSC00682 DSC00697 DSC00778 DSC01089 DSC01288 DSC01743 IMG_1659 IMG_1717 IMG_2020 IMG_2107 IMG_2112 IMG_2163 IMG_2208 IMG_2278 IMG_2339 IMG_2445 IMG_2446



This is my blog about traveling and places around the world. I am only talking about my own experiences and posting my own pictures. I hope I can show you some amazing places you haven’t heard of yet.

I am multicultural as I live in Germany with a French nationality and roots from the Ivory-Coast. Traveling is my passion, but you guys will see this soon in my posts. :)

This blog is my first one so be kind to me. 😉

I’ll try to post frequently and keep you up to date with my traveling addiction!

See you on my blog 😉